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My Chemical Romance #1 Video Desolation Row

The video offically came out this morning and when I first heard about it, I looked everywhere to get a free sample of it. Sadly, all of those video's were taken down due to copyright (understandable) so I had to end up buying it in the end.

In the new video, It shows what seems like a normal MCR show but as the video progresses things begin to change. What was really gripping about the video was the movement and the way it was filmed. Directed by the same director from Watchmencoming out March 6th 2007, the video hopefully reflects the same kind of technics that the movie will have. In the video, the story line seems to switch from one point of the concert to another. In the email that was sent out by My Chemical Romance, it states that the video "has lots of visual hints to the upcoming Watchmen movie".

Another reason why the video seemed more lively then others to come out in the past year is the general feeling of it. A sense of rush and confusion gave the video more of a plot line even though it obviously did not purposely mean to have one. The way that the band is acting throughout the video also gives off an emotion that almost drives the watcher to want to get up and start moshing themselves. Gerard Way in particular seems into the mood of the video the whole entire time, while Frank Iero (famous for his antics during videos) seems to be having more fun with himself (most displayed during the last scene of the video, pay close attention)

This video has, over night, made it to the top of itunes charts as most purchased video. This is defiantly a must buy for any My Chemical Romance fans or Watchmen fans. The video can be found here and it is defiantly worth a look see, if not worth your money.
 Okay, at this moment I only have one word for this cover: Amazing. I am personally not a fan of Bob Dylan but when I heard that MCR was covering this song, I went as listened to it. I have to say, I enjoy Gerard's voice a shit load more then Bob Dylan's. No offence Dylan fans... but his voice to me is like nails on a chalk board... Anyway, that was off topic. The cover is beautiful. It brings out all the best traits in all the boys. During the solo I think it shows a different side of Ray's capability. The drumming is simply wonderful (Good job Bobby!). And Gerard sounds oh so very into it. Its great to hear something new from them and as a die heart fan, I almost cried when I heard it the first time. Okay, I was to busy screaming and dancing around my room to cry. Either way, it made me very emotional. EVERYONE GO BUY IT NOW! ITS ON THE NEW ALBUM FOR WATCHMEN WHICH IS ALSO GOING TO BE 100% EPIIICCCC!!! love always, ChemicalKatelyn
Yes. It's quiet true. I might actually want to go see Watchmen now. ONLY TO HEAR THIS COVER! BECAUSE IT'S GERARD!!!


I wish it wasn't a cover of Bob Dylan... Because that's totally not MCR at all. haha. But I know Gee is a big fan of Watchmen, same with Mikey so obviously I support whatever choice they make.

What's next? The Used doing a cover of the Jackson 5?
Underoath doing a cover of The Doors?
I Set My Friends On Fire doing a cover of The Beatles (I'd actually like to see that one. Just for giggles.)
or even better, Slipknot doing a cover of The Veronicas. 

add any other funny mix's if you know them!

Interesting covers I've seen done- (and that were good!)
-The Used - War Is Over (Happy Christmas) by John Lennon
- Attack Attack - I Kissed A Girl by Katy Perry
- School Boy Humor - Realize by Colbie Caillat
- I Set My Friends On Fire - Crack That by Soulja boy (My personal favorite)
tell your favorite covers yo!

much love,


 Is it a bad thing that recently, I've been finding myself thinking that I really want him to just come out and say that he stalks me on facebook just to see how me and my most recent boyfriend are doing because he still has feelings for me? 
If you're wondering, I'm not talking about my ex... oh the suspense is killing you, isn't it?

Real Life Happening

~Over Instant Message~
Girl: I feel ugly. :-(
Boy: You spelled beautiful wrong.

Truth be told...

I'm quiet bored today so I'm going to type out whats been going on in my life recently in a blog format.

Three day's ago, my last day of school was canceled because of the weather and the roads. I guess I was a little excited but I kind of wanted to go to school because for some reason, on the last day, people bring in a shit load of foodz. Anyway, That day I went into town with my friend Merry and we talked about my most recent relationship and the fact that we wished Ariel was there to complain about the snow. After that, I sat at home and spent most of my day watching the final season of  "The Avatar".
I gotta say, BEST ENDING EVER!!! I felt like a total nerd while doing so but hey, it was totally needed and totally worth it.

The next day, I spent most of the morning in bed, knowing that I had a party coming up that night at my friends house. Just being lazy is sort of my thing. When I got to the party (after frantically finding rides to and frow) There was only 5 of us. My friend Brandon, and 3 of my other friends who were all girls. It was slightly awkward until finally other boys started showing up. When my new boyfriend walked in... I'm not gonna lie, It was only at that moment that I realized how good looking he is. As the party went on, we all decided it was a good idea to go outside and go sledding.

Not a good idea. After ten minutes of being outside, a majority of the boys decided to go running down the street, towards the near by park. Hillary, Steph, Jess, Sarah, Adam, Will and I were left behind. Needless to say, after a short period of time, we lost them and found us ourselves, getting lost. It was a bonding expirences says Adam. More like me getting chilled to the bone experience!

After we got back (to find everyone else had gotten back WAAAY before us) we were all freezing. My boyfriend noticed that i was shivering but I was to busy kidding around with him about how I was mad at him to notice it myself. He pulled me onto his lap and as time went by I ended up falling asleep on him because I was so damn tired. We wanted to do other stuff but my dear friend Adam was to busy being a cock block to let anything happen. Haha.

from the days up until now, It was mostly spent on my computer doing nothing/listening to music/baking/going to my friends house and attempting to bake/playing video games with my little brother because we were snowed in.

I also got very bored and started making gif. lyrics on paint. it makes them look actually, pretty cool.
<--- theres one i made. Blue and Yellow by The Used.

Tomorrows Christmas Eve, hope you all have a nice one!!
Happy Christmas and all that jazz.
love always,


I feel like my past relationship is haunting me.
I really don't know what to do.
I have a new boyfirend who is awesome but I feel like I can't get over how much I was hurt in my last relationship.
My ex's new girlfriend annoys the shit out of me (she was also the OW at a point) and I hate his guts yet  I still feel like our relationship is like a ghost that won't go away.

Why can't things be easier?

My heart is being pulled in 100 diffrent directions. I don't know what to think anymore. I can't trust most people.

its all because of him.

That I can't trust any more people that I have feelings for unless I'd trusted them before. Which is the case when it comes to one direction where my heart is being pulled.

I'm not very easy to understand.

Easy to start trusting.
Hard to lose my trust.
Almost Impossible to get it back
once you've lost it.

Yo Homies!

Yeah, I'm very sorry I haven't been on much lately.
I've been busy.
But I've got good news :)

I got a Mibba account for me to write on so I'm updating all my stories on there.


Hititupyo-- http://member.mibba.com/72202/

So check dat shit out!!

From now on I'm going posting my thoughts and stuff about my personal life on here.

Stick around!
<3's always


Skyler stormed into the room and threw himself onto the couch. Luke and Dane were already outstretched on it, playing super smash brothers.

"GUYS!" Skyler yelled, Almost landing on top of Dane's legs. He swiftly pulled them out of his way. He had done this many times before.

"What is it Sky, Can't you see we are Extremely busy doing... Erm... homework?" Luke muttered, his eyes not leaving the screen.

"No! No! You guys really gotta hear this! Your not going to believe it!" Skyler yelled excitingly. Dane paused the game and shot a glare at his roommate.

"What could possibly be more important then video games? Please tell me that..." His glare grew fiercer and fiercer.

"Dudes, really... This is beyond amazing! The Class rep just told me this! He told me to tell you guys to!" Skyler wasn't normally this jumpy so something must have been happening.


"Dude... Mini skirt city..." A smirk stretched across his face. both of the boys looked at him.
"Uhh..." Dane and Luke were completely lost.

"You guys still don't get it?" Skyler grinned down at his to room mates, smirking. "Gentlemen, today we became the luckiest boys at Blakesdale." He said elegantly.

"Still not getting it..." Dane Muttered, his eyes filled with confusion.

"Guys... There's a Girl! Yes, I said, Girl! Coming to Blakesdale!"

"WHAT?!" both of the boys shot up from the cough. The game controller falling to the ground with a loud Clunk.

"Dude, dude, dude. Blakesdale is an ALL BOYS School! It's impossible for a GIRL to be coming! You must have heard him wrong or something!" Luke yelled, completely in denial.

"IS SHE GONNA BE HOT!?" Dane barked joyfully. Dane believed every word that came from Skyler's mouth, now and before.

"DUDE! Your not actually believing him are you?!" Luke glared over at Dane who suddenly became quiet.
"Well, It's the flat out truth... I CALL DIBS! SHE'S MY ROOMMATE! HA!" Skyler laughed.


"Sure it is! I'm the only one here with room in my room! Yes! Guess who's losing their Virginity tonight!" Luke rolled his eyes.

"Can we please get back to our game now-"

"Whats her name?! What does she look like?! INFO, INFO, INFO!" Dane was getting overly excited. The controler for the game was already on the ground by now it was being kicked around viciously. Luke picked it up before anymore damage could come to it.

"Her name is Holly Adams. That's all I really got. Nothing on looks yet-"

"What if she's like... An ugly Nerd?!" Dane belted out. Luke once again rolled his eyes.

"If that happens, Dane, I'm moving into your room and Luke gets a room with the beast!" Skyler laughed happily. Luke didn't seem as pleased.

"Okay, Now you guys are just sounding loony. Why in bloody hells name do you think a Girl would be coming to Blakesdale, An ALL BOYS school!" Whenever Luke got mad, His British Accent showed more then ever.

"Oh, That's the thing. Apparently there was some reason why she couldn't get into our sister school... Yeah... I wasn't really listening by that point..." Skyler pondered to himself. Trying his hardest not to look as stupid as he was seeming at this moment. "Something about Money, Or grades or something..." He sighed and blew the one piece of hair out of his eyes. "Does It really matter? It's a chick! And a Chick in our Room!"

"Gees, You're acting like a child. I might be newer here then both of you but at least I haven't gone completely gaga and Horny..." Luke said, looking back at the TV screen quickly just to make sure it didn't unpause.

"Horny's an Understatement when it comes to Sky over here-" He was interrupted. Skyler hit him over the head with a pillow.

"Yeah and like you're not! I've been cooped up in this school for 4 years! I haven't been with a girl in 3-"
"Don't you mean Four?" Luke asked.

"Nah, I had a girlfriend at my old school. She thought the whole Long distance thing would work. We ended up braking up after a while of getting sick of having to call each other every night and having nothing to talk about."

"Ah, I had a girl back home but... Over seas is a little to far for me, Thank you very much." Dane nodded respectfully at Luke, smiling childishly. Dane was always the more innocent one of the group. But then again, The definition of "Innocence" Was completely different at Blakesdale than it was in the real world.
A knock on the door.

And that's when I, Holly Adams, Came into the story.

My first steps into dorm 182 And the first thing I noticed was...The place smelled like B.O. and Axe?

Ah, The Beautiful smell of boy...


"H-O-L-L-Y WOULD YOU TURN ME On!?" The boy with brownish blackish hair and almost transparent brown eyes yelled across the room.

The boy with the long piece of hair in front of his eyes blew it out of his face. "Sky, you're scaring the poor girl!"

So far this is what I knew.
A) The boy that randomly shouted at me is named Sky or something...
B)The other boy with the long hair is British
And C) I've finally found the crack house...

There was another boy sitting on the couch next to this "Sky" Person. He looked kind of meek. Timid almost.
The Class Dean walked in shortly after the boy Sky stopped laughing.

He was a tall man with a slight comb-over. He acted very dignified and seemed to always have his head up straight. When he talked to people he looked them directly in the eye. That kinda weired me out at first.

"Boys, Meet your new room mate. Now until miss.Adams can get her grade up she will be staying with us. I expect you to be very respectful to this young lady. And mischief and you will be expelled. Understand me, Mr.Skyler Bailey?..." His glare moved directly to the now innocent looking Sky, or for this point, Skyler.

"Now sir, Why would you ever think of me to do anything against your words?" He grinned like a raccoon.

Ah, Fake innocence. Everyone can do it, but only masters can get away with it.

The Dean Eyed Skyler as the glanced at me quickly. "I'll be leaving you all to settle in a get acquainted... Later your new class lists will be sent to this room. I expect you to be on time, Ms.Adams..." My eyes shot back at him quickly. I nodded respectfully.

"Of course Sir..."

"Ha! She speaks!" Skyler laughed from across the room. Immediately the Dean sent a nasty glare at him and closed the door behind him.

And so I was left alone. Standing in a room with my new, so called room mates.

"So, you're name is Holly?" The boy with the charming British accent asked kindly, smiling at me.

Skyler jumped over the short love seat and grabbed my arm. "Don't worry! We don't bite!" He said, pulling me over to the couch. Both of my bags fell to the floor.

He pushed be backwards and I landed flat on my already aching back. 5 Hours in a car does not do the body good.

"Holly, I'm Skyler! And You're Beautiful!" He smiled widely and already I could see what he was getting at.

"If that's the best pick-up line you've got you're gonna need a lot of work..." I mumbled, chuckling to myself.

The British boy sighed. "Don't mind him. He's an Idiot. I'm Luke. Well Lukas James Montgomery the III but Just call me Luke."
Gees... I've never heard such a long name. Makes Holly Adams sound stupid...

"Uh... Can do." I smiled sweetly at the boy.

"Hello! Have you all forgotten about me!" Skyler waved his hands in front of my face, his cherry red cheeks standing out on his pale face.

"Um... What about Dane?" Luke said, pointing to the quiet boy sitting on the edge of the couch.

"Oh, Holly, Dane, Dane, Holly. Now can we get back to the topic of ME!"

"Isn't that always the topic? What about her? She's new and we already know all about you... Thanks to you... I'm sorry Holly, Sky can be a bit... Egosentric..."

"A BIT!" Out of no where Dane called out, falling to the floor laughing. Only now was the red streaks in his hair present. Since he had his hood pulled over his head I could barely see his eyes, but now I could see his hole face.

Green Flashing eyes and Flawless Skin. Holy Crap, Where did these boys come from? Heaven? None of them seemed to have anything wrong with them!

Unlike myself with my lightish-darkish brown hair that never falls the way I want it too. My Hazel eyes that are as bleak as wood itself and only turn a blueish green when No one can see them and of course my Freckle covered nose and arms.

I guess it was bound to happen. I mean, I am half Scottish and a shit load of other stuff. But if anything, I was LBI. And yes, When I say LBI I do mean Long Beach Island. The most beautiful place on earth and my uncles just had to ruin it for me.

"Nice to see someone finally talking" I said, giggling down at Dane who was still rolling around on the floor. He was no longer laughing, just kinda hanging out.

"Yeah, Well, As Sky said, I'm Dane. Dane Moore." He said, Grinning up at me.

"Well, It's very nice to meet you Dane-"

"HELLO! AM I BEING COMPLEATLY IGNORED HERE?!" Skyler shouted in my face. Man, For a guy that came off... Wait, no. He came off Loud and annoying... No wonder, He is.

"It's kinda hard to, dude..." Luke muttered under his breath, rolling his eyes. "Well, Holly, Mind telling us about yourself?"

"Yeah, Like, Got a boyfriend?" Skyler asked, a slick smirk melting on his face.

Wow. This guy has no idea how to talk to girls. Then again, He does go to an all boys school.

"Once again, Not falling for the pick-up lines... and to answer your question, No, I do not have a boyfriend-"

"Why not?" Dane asked curiously from the floor, his hair now spreed out on it, showing ever fake highlight.
"Don't you think that's a little personal?" I asked. Big mistake.

"Dude, Welcome to room 182... Nothing and I mean Nothing is personal. You're one of us now. And as one of the 182 posse you are insured with completely trust in all of us but only if we can trust the same in you." Skyler announced proudly before plopping himself back down on the couch next to me.

"Oh, So five minutes go by and I'm already a part of your little group?" I giggled under my breath.
"Well, You seem like a nice person, Why not?" Skyler grinned widely at me, squinting his eyes.

"And the fact that you're the only girl going to an all boys boarding school has nothing to do with it." Luke remarked sarcastically, laughing and rolling his eyes.

Skyler just glared over at his friend. "Oh zip it, No one asked you..." Luke just rolled his eyes again. I've been finding that he likes to do that a lot. "Anyway, Hol-ster-"

"Don't call me that..." He groaned out of annoyance.

"Fine then Anyway, Hol-LY Why don't you have a boyfriend? It's not like you're not attractive or anything, I mean, Do you ever look at yourself!" The cheap pick-up lines were funny at first but now they were just getting boring. He winked at me as his face flushed red.
Okay, How long have these boys been cooped up here?

"I guess, I just never found the right person-"

"I'M THE RIGHT PERSON!" Skyler yelled, laughing to himself.

"Oh yes, Skyler, You most definitely are Mr.perfect..."

"Don't forget it baby..." He said, a smirk growing on his face.

Luke just rolled his eyes again. "Sorry about him... Again... He's just a horny bastard..." I laughed and looked back at Skyler. His face was bright red.

Anger? Embarasement? Who knows...

"You've got that right!" Dane barked up from the floor, now throwing his feet up on the couch, letting one play along the rim of one of the pillows.

"So... Before we get any further into my embracing love life, where can I put my bags?" I asked sweetly, smiling over at Luke. He seemed dazed for a moment and then began Chuckling under his breath. I tilted my head a little. "What? What's so funny?" I asked, completely clueless.

I felt a sudden tap on my shoulder. I turned back to see Skyler, A full grin on his face. "Yeah, Creampuff, I've got Good news and I've got bad news..."

I narrowed my eyes at him. "Whats the bad news?" I asked, glaring at him.

"Well... See there's an extra bed in my room and-"

"OH HELL NO!" I yelled, pushing myself up from the couch.

"Aw, come on, I Don't smell that bad!"

"And We swear, if this idiot tries anything funny We can switch rooms or make him on the couch!" I sighed.

Why me. Why me. Why oh Why was i getting stuck in a room with Skyler Bailey! So far, I've set him as the most Annoying person I've ever met! And I've JUST MET HIM!

"Oh dear god... What's the good news?" A Sly smirk once again found itself on Skyer's face.

"The good news is...you get to share a room with me."